Five good reasons to choose Baldwin Manufacturing


Funerals are emotive times, and like many other important celebrations, there is only one opportunity to get it right.

Baldwin’s’ experience in the industry and passion for what we do means that you can rely on us time and again for appropriate caskets and coffins. In essence:




All product is produced in Christchurch by local craftspeople so confidence in our products is assured.



Select from an extensive range of caskets to meet all needs and preferences, from caskets made in the finest materials with superior finishes to simple, cost-effective solutions.



Our turnaround is second-to-none – Same day delivery for stock items to local area and overnight delivery to outlaying areas.



Enjoy personalised service. Baldwin’s is known and 
respected throughout the industry for our 
responsiveness and quality.



Continuity of service: 
Baldwin’s is a long term partner with funeral homes, bringing a deep understanding of the industry and a proven record of accomplishment.


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To know more about our services and products, please contact us